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A Helping Hand: Six Simple Ways How You Can Assist Your Elder


“Aging is not lost youth but a new stage of opportunity and strength.” – Betty Friedan.

Becoming a senior citizen gets more challenging as days pass by. Their body is getting frailer and so as their minds. Considering that their physical condition is not so good from the inside, getting help from those who care for them is the only way to save them from misery.

Love is a shapeless emotion. It is like water – it takes the form of its container. Should you wish to express love to someone, especially to a senior citizen, there are tons of ways to make them feel the same! Running out of ideas? Here are six suggested things you can do for them:

  1. Meal preparation
    Researchers display that a considerable number of sixty-year-olds and above suffer malnutrition. One of the biggest factors that causes this reality to baby boomers is the lack of proper assistance during meals and meal preparation. Knowing that their body is no longer as healthy as the youngsters, malnutrition will expose them to more diseases.
  2. Incontinence assistance
    Many senior citizens no longer possess control over their wastes. Control is one problem but keeping them sanitized is another. As a family member, they will need your help in keeping them clean and infection-free. Incontinence outbursts can occur at random. A constant aide will be greatly helpful.
  3. Medication reminders
    As one grows old, the list of medication maintenances can lengthen too. Though there are a lot of drugs to remember, an elder’s mind is no longer that snappy to remember so many things at once. If someone is there to remind them, the risk of overdosage and under-dosage will be limited (if not eliminated).
  4. Cleaning the house
    A dirty and disorganized house may cause seniors injuries and diseases. No debris should be randomly lying on the floor. Comfort rooms must remain dry and mold-free. Commonly used utensils and objects should be kept clean and properly sanitized.
  5. Run their errands
    Water bills, internet bills, and electricity bills – a senior citizen should not be the one to personally run these payments to the payment centers. Moving around town can be tiring. When senior citizens’ bodies get too tired, their body might collapse. Keep in mind that the chance of recuperation is already thin. Better stray them from doing activities that will physically drain them.
  6. Keep them company
    Depression is a mental condition that largely preys on seniors. Since most of them are already losing pride and faith in themselves, be the one who will encourage them. Extend your hand and hold them tight.

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