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Nurse Staffing

  1. Comprehensive Nurse Staffing Services

Nurse staffing and recruitment means more than just filling a position. Whether you need travel nurse staffing services for your acute-care facility, permanent staff nurses for your medical practice, experienced home care nurse staffing, interim nurse leaders, or the flexibility of per-diem nurse staffing options, Breakthrough Healthcare Staffing can link you up to a diverse team of nurse staffing professionals.

Breakthrough Healthcare Staffing services can be customized to any staffing needs with a list of options that include:

  • A comprehensive database of ready-to-work, vetted, credentialed and licensed nurses in different areas of specialties (pediatric nurses, High-Tech nurse etc.)
  • On demand strike and crisis nurse staffing
  • Ability to help ramp up services during high needs, such as the summer months
  • Complete onboarding services that allow your HR department to focus on day-to-day business
  • EMR training and support nurse staffing during EMR conversions
  • Billing and payroll support for temporary nurse staffing
  • Telehealth capabilities, including onsite language translation services
  • Healthcare leadership recruitment services, including Directors of Nursing

Our nursing area of expertise include but not limited to:

  • Per-diem nurse placement
  • Temporary nurse staffing (locum tenens)
  • Critical staffing and rapid response assignments
  • Permanent nurse placements
  • Interim nurse manager or nurse director placement

All the more so when you want to fill demanding and hard to fill positions, you can take advantage of our experience to immediately and successfully fill your four, twelve- or twenty-six-weeks healthcare staffing gaps.


We recruit and place only the qualified and experienced nurses. Why is this important? It takes the edge off, saves you the time and money connected with advertising positions, interviewing applicants, checking references, training and finally hiring.

Each and every one of Breakthrough Healthcare Staffing clinician go through a painstaking vetting process and is provided with continuing education to make sure they are current with compliance training. This saves our clients time and money associated with the hiring and training process.

Detailed Screening
Professional License Verification Current BLS Employment Eligibility
Skills Set Evaluation Background check Drug Screening
Supervisory Reference Health Check NPDB Review
End of Assignment Evaluation DMV Screening Annual TB Screening

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