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About Us

Breakthrough Healthcare Services (BHS) is a residential healthcare agency that offers skilled and non-skilled services to persons who need home and personal care in Maryland. The agency caters for individuals, families, and health care facilities looking for assistance from local home care providers. These home healthcare services in Fort Washington, Maryland are offered by qualified professionals such as registered nurses (RNs), licensed practical nurses (LPNs), certified nursing assistant (CNAs), trained (clinical) therapists, medical assistance, and licensed social workers.

Management Team
Breakthrough Healthcare Services (BHS) management team is the one that is in charge of planning, organizing, and directing the day-to-day operations of the agency. The management team sets attainable goals for the agency. Here are the members of our strong management team:

Melvin Sillah – Chief Executive Administrator

Melvin Sillah is the Founder and Chief Executive Administrator of Breakthrough Healthcare Services (BHS). His creative thinking and entrepreneurial objectives brought about the formation and establishment of BHS. Melvin is determined to make BHS the best healthcare service provider in the state of Maryland. He believes that employing the right people with a passion to serve and giving them the tools and necessary training for development, BHS can position itself for growth and expansion. Motivated by the idea that “people do business with people, not to inanimate companies”, Melvin is continuously pressing forward to make BHS a company where healthcare service personnel can single-mindedly carry out what they do best, which is to provide excellent care to patients and their families, while improving the quality of life.

As a professional in determining and executing organizational systems, controls, policies and procedures to facilitate excellence in the key metrics of Home and Health Care delivery, Melvin will continue to expand operations to include a wider array of services to an ever-growing senior demographic. Melvin’s strategic business intelligence and innovative practices were cultivated while working toward his post-graduate degree. In the classroom, he learned that management responsibilities in today’s complex multinational business organizations go beyond a single functional area of expertise and require an extensive range of specific knowledge and skills. By combining passion, ambition, skills of leadership, and strategic acumen, Melvin is determined to build BHS to a successful agency using a unique and unmatched set of skills. Melvin holds double Bachelors in Economics and Accounting, a Masters in Accounting, and an Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Strategic management.

Joseph Bob Rogers – Director of Nursing and Clinical Services

Joseph B. Rogers is the Director of Nursing and Clinical Services at Breakthrough Healthcare Services. As a self-driven nursing professional, Joseph has equipped himself with clinical and managerial expertise throughout his career. He is a highly respected healthcare professional in his community and work environment with diverse experience in the international community health sector and the private sector in Virginia and Washington D.C. Bob’s wealth of experience, from ground up to management level spans over fifteen (15) years. He has held various leadership and critical positions in a pandemic outbreak overseas and across complex, cultural, and strategic regional settings. When the global pandemic of Ebola health crisis broke out, Joseph was among the International experts that led the U.S. medical experts and answered the call of duty. Joseph started his career in a mental health hospital setting and quickly advanced to multiple leadership roles from Nurse Supervisor to Unit Manager in the Hospital. In his new role as Director of Nursing and Clinical Services, he is responsible for maintaining quality of care and clinical support for formulary development and maintenance. Joseph holds a Bachelors of Science in Nursing and a Masters of Public Health.

Mary H Sillah – Nursing Supervisor

Mary H Sillah, RN is the Nursing Supervisor for Breakthrough Healthcare Services Agency. Having been a nurse for over 15 years, Mary developed a passion for seniors and is matched by her infatuation and commitment to train and guide. She has also a strong propensity to form and build great teams. Driving this passion is her belief that valued employees will take exceptional care of our seniors. A love and focus for process improvement and positive outcomes have led Ms. Sillah to win series of awards in her previous workplace

Thomas Tom Rogers – Director of Operation

Thomas T. Rogers has over twelve (12) years of law enforcement experience working in various departments including Domestic Violence and Economic/Fraud Crime Units. Among other things, he has a wealth of experience in the protection of vulnerable individuals. As a fraud/Economic investigator, Thomas has profound knowledge and skills in investigating individuals engaged in white-collar crimes such as misappropriation of public funds and properties. Since June 2012, Thomas has been working as a Psychiatric Technician in various mental health institutions dealing with individuals/clients with diverse mental disorders. Thomas is a graduate with a double Masters’ degrees in Peace and Development Studies, and Conflict Analysis and Resolutions.

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