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We take pride in the quality of our team and on how they render the services we offer to our clients. Below are some client testimonials we would love to share with you. These stories are the testament to our teams’ dedication to providing excellent care.

Patricia Taylor

15 responses to “Testimonials”

  1. I can’t thank you enough for the exceptional care you all showed for my father. I wanted to thank you for all that you have done for my family and to let you know how much our family appreciates you and your team of caregivers. I would definitely recommend Breakthrough Healthcare Services to anyone. Thank you so very much.


  2. Dr. Caruth is professional, energetic, compassionate, and has a great deal of expertise. She individualizes your treatment to your needs and your deficits. She also thinks outside of the box and is creative with her treatment regimen. At Breakthrough Healthcare Services, she places a premium on patient satisfaction and makes every attempt to make home therapy as convenient & efficacious as possible!

    She and her team at Breakthrough Healthcare Services are the absolute best!

  3. My experience with Dr. Jack and Physical Therapist Brittany was fantastic! My first few days back home from the hospital were really hard and Dr. Jack was not only great in person she took the time to text with me and even called to offer her own experience, compassion and support. Brittany, my assigned physical therapist was so much fun to work with. Some days I was good and ready to go, others my pain was up and I was grumpy but Brittany always managed to make me laugh and encouraged me to not give up. She was wonderful and I was sad when our sessions had to end. Thank you both for all of your help through this rough, emotional, time!

  4. I was very please with Chadd Baldwin. He show up on time and ready to work. He show compassion and value in his job. He actually care for my healing process. I am thrilled to have my life back and to be able to do pretty much everything I want to again. Thank you so much Breakthrough Healthcare Services, I truly don’t know what would have happened to me if I hadn’t met your team of professionals.

  5. Chadd from Breakthrough Healthcare Services did a amazing job working with me! He was always on time and very flexible. I would recommend Breakthrough to anyone seeking at home services!

  6. Breakthrough Healthcare Services has been helpful since day one with all aspects of rehabilitation at home. I feel a lot better in so many ways. I recommend Breakthrough Healthcare services to anyone who is looking for the best care! Chadd has made such a difference in my health that this experience has be one to truly remember

  7. Thanks so much Chadd for all your help! I am thankful to you and everyone a Breakthrough Healthcare Services for all of you care!

  8. The Physical Therapist at Breakthrough Healthcare Services was really good with me. He took his time to help me get back to were I was before i got sick! Thank you so much!

  9. Today was a very good day for me! Chadd the Physical Therapist at Breakthrough Healthcare Services was very consistent and kind. I enjoyed him today!

  10. Chadd at Breakthrough Healthcare Services has been a great therapist. He motivated me in a time of sorrow to keep pushing through the mental and physical pain. I’m glad to have him as my Physical Therapist, he is getting me back to my old self slowly and making sure that I’m doing my exercises correctly!

  11. Breakthrough Healthcare are full of professionals who care about me as a person. Chadd is the Physical Therapist with the company. When it comes to knowing his job and using the right exercises to help the over all problem it has been such a pleasure working with him!

  12. Chadd was a great help in my physical therapy! He was a very big help in my recovery. I don’t know where I would be without the help from the staff at Breakthrough Healthcare Services.

  13. I had an experience I will always remember. Rickey gave me excellent service and care every time he visited. I will definitely use Breakthrough Healthcare Services again and again.

  14. What a great job Rickey. I will always use Breakthrough Healthcare Services for my health services. Thank you and your company!

  15. Chadd is a delight. He comes ready to make me work. I love it, he gears the program towards my needs and consistently ask me what I want to get out of our visits. He is person-centered and plans around that. He explains and demonstrates and provides feedback that allows you to grow. I definitely will be using you all in the future and will refer the company!

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