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Looking Out for Post-Surgical Complications

Looking Out for Post-Surgical Complications

Most people assume that the worst is over once you survive the surgery. However, that is not quite true. Patients still require care and monitoring after their surgeries to look out for post-surgical complications. As a provider of home healthcare services in Fort Washington Maryland, it is part of our job to make sure that our patients are recovering properly from their surgery.

It is normal to feel postoperative discomforts such as nausea due to anesthesia, sore throat due to a tube placed in the windpipe, soreness around the incision site, restlessness, and thirst. However, it is important to look out for symptoms of complications such as:

  • Shock
    This is a severe drop in blood pressure that causes a dangerous reduction of blood flow throughout the body. This can be caused by blood loss, infection, brain injury, or metabolic problems.
  • Hemorrhage
    This is a rapid blood loss from the site of surgery.
  • Wound infection
    This happens when bacteria enter the site of surgery.
  • Lung complications
    These can be caused by lack of deep breathing and coughing exercises within 48 hours of surgery, pneumonia, or inhaling water, food, or blood into the airways.

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