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4 Facts About Arthritis You Probably Did Not Know


Do you think you already have a clear grasp what arthritis is and what it does to the body?

You may have been suffering from arthritis or have cared for someone who does. But either way, it does not guarantee that you know everything about the said disease and how it can be a potentially debilitating condition.

Here are 4 facts about this disease that you probably did not know:

  • Bees are an unusual natural treatment for arthritis.

    Aside from asking the help of Home Health Aides, people turn to bees for treatment. This is the same colony that is responsible for giving us honey.

    According to Dr. Suzana Beatriz Veríssimo de Mello, the pioneer researcher of the Bee Sting Therapy of Brazil’s University of Sao Paulo, bee venom caused an increased level of anti-inflammatory hormones. She continued that the said venom contains a mixture of substances that can stimulate allergic and immune responses in humans. (

    But do not buy yourself a colony of bees and extract venom from them to treat your arthritis. This research is still undergoing further study on how we can integrate it in treating our patients.

  • Arthritis does not just affect one’s hands, hips, and knees.

    Most patients we have assisted through our Skilled Nursing Services in Maryland thought that arthritis only affects a patient’s hands, hips, and knees. But the truth is, many patients have osteoarthritis that affects their feet and ankles. (–conditions/arthritis-of-the-foot-and-ankle/).

  • Injuries help in increasing one’s risk of arthritis.

    Injured joints are more vulnerable to suffering from arthritis than joints that haven’t experienced any sort of injury. Everyday Health mentioned that young people who may have sprained or twisted a joint have high chances of developing arthritis when they are older. (

  • Having arthritis is costly.

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or CDC wrote in their article ( that arthritis has a profound impact on the country’s society and economy. In 2013 alone, the medical care costs and earning losses of American adult patients with arthritis are estimated to be $303.5 billion. It is 1% of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

    That is why when you are suffering from the said disease, you have to think smart and opt for Home Healthcare Services in Fort Washington Maryland. That way, you do not have to worry about more medical costs because you get to be treated at home. This means you do not have to mull over expensive hospital stays and uncomfortable rides towards the doctor’s clinic.

Those are just 4 facts about arthritis. What fact shocked you? Share them in the comment section below.

Arthritis may be painful, expensive, and uncomfortable. But you do not have to lose hope. Breakthrough Healthcare Services provides healthcare services that help reduce your pain and discomforts. We give professional medical services in the comfort of your home.

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