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Keeping Seniors Safe From Falls

Falls are on top of the list of the causes of physical injuries in the elderly. Falls can cause mild to severe injuries, especially to senior adults. Even if the fall does not result in severe damage or death, minor injuries, such as hip fractures, head traumas, and leg or arm abrasions can be quite … Continue reading

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Tips for Safety Medication Management

Your senior loved ones’ medications are crucial for treating their illnesses and managing chronic conditions. They are the ones who will suffer if they neglect their medications, so you should make sure that they are taking their medications consistently. Due to old age or other medical conditions, some senior adults have difficulties managing and organizing … Continue reading

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Preventing Depression in Seniors

It is normal to feel down sometimes. But if these feelings last longer and become recurring, it may be depression. Depression is a mood disorder that affects how a person feels, thinks, and behaves which can lead to many emotional and physiological problems. Depression is common in older adults due to factors like isolation, loss … Continue reading

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In-Home Care or Nursing Home: How to Choose Senior Care

There are both advantages and disadvantages in choosing either a skilled nursing home or home healthcare services in Fort Washington Maryland. Generally, a nursing home is a facility for intensive but expensive care while in-home care is affordable, personal care delivered at home. Senior Health Condition If staying in a health facility is more preferable … Continue reading

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Why Choose Agencies Offering Skilled and Unskilled Care

Skilled care pertains to medical services necessary for conditions in need of intensive care. On the other hand, unskilled care refers to non-medical services for situations requiring personal care or assistance with activities of daily living. Why and when would you need both of these home healthcare services in Fort Washington Maryland? Affordable Care Covering … Continue reading

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Benefits of Respite Care to Your Mental Health

There’s no denying the fact that home health aides do a lot for their clients and their families. Family caregivers do even more as well. They virtually sacrifice a massive part of their lives to provide for the needs of their elderly relatives. While this is a noble act, doing so can be very stressful … Continue reading

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