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Combatting Cognitive Deterioration in Old Age


Being a senior citizen can result in a variety of physical and behavioral limitations. Dementia and other memory-related disorders are among the most common. There is no particular treatment for these disorders. However, there are activities that can improve the cognitive function of the aged, postponing the progression of symptoms.

  • Engaging in Sudoku, puzzles, and problem solving

    These are just a few of the brain-stimulating activities in which aging folks might like. Strategy games like chess and scrabble are also enjoyable. You may also join your loved ones in these activities while they are receiving home healthcare services in Fort Washington, Maryland.

  • Participating in social events and being in the company of others

    Being in the company of others, such as home health aides, and speaking is a type of mental activity. Not to mention that it promotes well-being and aids in the prevention of depression.

  • Maintaining excellent physical health

    Health and wellbeing are multifaceted. The mind operates better when the body is also taken care of. Your older loved one must eat well and exercise on a regular basis to maintain mental health. Experts in dementia care would love to help seniors with mobility exercises and eating good, nutritional meals.

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We offer a wide range of services and make every attempt to accurately assess our patients’ needs since they deserve specialized care. If you want to learn more about our services, feel free to reach out.

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