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The Role of Care Professionals in Ensuring Proper Nutrition Among Dementia Patients


Memory capabilities of dementia patients eventually decline. As the medical condition worsens, they lose their independence and become a threat to themselves and those around them, resulting in a need for home health aides. This is especially true given that these individuals are often malnourished due to their medical condition.

Undernourishment is the primary cause of death and morbidity among the elderly. Malnourishment occurs when dementia patients forget to eat, are unable to cook, or go shopping, neglecting their overall health. The condition might deteriorate further, resulting in significant health issues. Patients must now be carefully helped in attaining their nutritional requirements. Acquiring skilled nursing services in Maryland would be advantageous.

Breakthrough Healthcare Services, a premier provider of home healthcare services in Fort Washington, Maryland is dedicated to helping all sorts of people live healthier lives. We’ll keep an eye on their health and urge them to get some exercise. We can help family members ensure that their elderly loved ones consume nutritional meals and stay safe.

We also provide respite care. This service is critical because it aids in the prevention of caregiver burnout, particularly among family members who serve as primary caregivers. They may take a break and heal without having to worry about their loved ones since we give the greatest care.

Compassion is key to why we do what we do. We simply want what is best for our patients and place a high value on their comfort. We hire only qualified professionals to deliver high-quality home care and skilled nursing care.

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