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Speech Therapy: Why It’s Essential to Seniors

For the elderly, speech therapy offers plenty of benefits for mild concerns of stuttering or recovering from stroke or head injuries. However, these issues aren’t the only reasons why speech therapy is essential for seniors. Generally, aging affects seniors’ ability to communicate with others due to several factors, including vocal cords and larynx muscles issues. … Continue reading

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Techniques Used in Speech Therapy

Aside from skilled nursing services in Maryland, several home healthcare providers also offer speech therapy to their clients. If your elder has survived a stroke and has lost the ability to speak, this therapy will come in handy. Speech therapy can also help those who have survived an accident and have lost speech as a … Continue reading

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Let’s Talk About Speech Therapy

From a child who has difficulty in speaking to an adult who is recovering from an accident, injury, or a major operation, speech therapy is available to people of all ages. Furthermore, speech therapy is not only beneficial to these individuals. Seniors can benefit from it, too. Here are some speech issues in seniors that … Continue reading

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