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Techniques Used in Speech Therapy


Aside from skilled nursing services in Maryland, several home healthcare providers also offer speech therapy to their clients. If your elder has survived a stroke and has lost the ability to speak, this therapy will come in handy.

Speech therapy can also help those who have survived an accident and have lost speech as a result.

Now that we know what the goals of speech therapy are, it’s time to look at the techniques utilized by therapists when treating those with speech disorders or impairments. Here are some of the methods that speech therapy experts commonly employ:

  • Articulation This form of therapy aims to help the patient produce the sounds that are part of speech. As the treatment progresses, they’ll start learning how to speak certain words as well.
  • Oral motor therapy In oral motor treatment, the patient is encouraged to exercise the oral muscles to make them strong enough to articulate speech effectively.
  • Lee Silverman Speech Therapy LSVT is a holistic approach to helping patients regain speech, facial expressions and breathing capabilities.

When choosing a provider of home healthcare services in Fort Washington Maryland, make sure to always go through their catalog of services. The more services they offer, the more advantageous it is for you.

If you require speech therapists or home health aides, feel free to contact us at Breakthrough Healthcare Services.

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