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Benefits of Respite Care to Your Mental Health


There’s no denying the fact that home health aides do a lot for their clients and their families. Family caregivers do even more as well. They virtually sacrifice a massive part of their lives to provide for the needs of their elderly relatives.

While this is a noble act, doing so can be very stressful for the family caregiver. What if they need to settle bills or run a personal errand? Who will take care of their elder while they are gone? Concerns like this take a toll on any person’s mental health, but that is why home healthcare services in Fort Washington Maryland offer respite care for their clients.

Respite care allows the family caregiver to take a short break from their duties while a temporary home health aide takes their place. This arrangement offers many benefits to the primary caregiver’s health, including the following:

  • They can relax from the stress they experience every day from caregiving.
  • They can take the time to socialize with friends and colleagues.
  • They can also take time to think about how to better care for their elders
  • They have the opportunity to do the hobbies that they enjoy, like watching movies or traveling.

Of course, the end goal of respite care is to allow the caregiver to return to their task with renewed vigor and energy.

For respite care and skilled nursing services in Maryland, don’t hesitate to give us a call at Breakthrough Healthcare Services.

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