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Why Choose Agencies Offering Skilled and Unskilled Care


Skilled care pertains to medical services necessary for conditions in need of intensive care. On the other hand, unskilled care refers to non-medical services for situations requiring personal care or assistance with activities of daily living. Why and when would you need both of these home healthcare services in Fort Washington Maryland?

  • Affordable Care
    Covering healthcare services is not achievable for all. Thus, it is more advisable to go with an agency providing both non-skilled and skilled nursing services in Maryland. This is wiser than hiring a registered nurse from one company and an unskilled caregiver from another agency.
  • Personalized Care
    Depending on your or your family member’s health condition, care providers can customize your healthcare requirements. When you choose a company offering clinical and non-clinical care, they can design a plan that fits you. They will match you with a carer bearing the capabilities that can address your needs.
  • Complementary Care
    Medical and non-medical services support each other. For instance, while infusion care is being administered to your senior loved one by a licensed nurse, trained home health aides can assist not only the nurse but your house chores as well. You can also find a caregiver that can do both skilled and non-skilled care.
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