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Let’s Talk About Speech Therapy


From a child who has difficulty in speaking to an adult who is recovering from an accident, injury, or a major operation, speech therapy is available to people of all ages. Furthermore, speech therapy is not only beneficial to these individuals. Seniors can benefit from it, too. Here are some speech issues in seniors that speech therapy can address:

  • Articulation problems
    When the seniors can’t speak clearly and keep making errors in enunciation.
  • Oral feeding
    When the elderly experience difficulty with eating, mostly in swallowing, and they keep on drooling.
  • Other voice, resonance, and fluency problems
    These are problems with the flow of speech, such as stuttering. These also include having a hard time with their pitch, volume, and the quality of their voice.

Thus, with speech therapy, all these problems and difficulties will be addressed carefully through the programs in every session. Breakthrough Healthcare Services offers speech therapy as one of our programs included in our home healthcare services in Fort Washington Maryland. We can help you:

  • improve your vocal quality
  • better management in food swallowing
  • promote better communication

Start your journey to better speech with us. If you are interested in our services, please call us for inquiries.

As a residential healthcare agency, we also offer skilled nursing services in Maryland. Our assistance is offered to individuals who need home and personal care in the area. We make sure that each of our clients is given the best services we can offer.

Get to know more about us and our amazing home health aides by browsing more about us here on our website. If you have further inquiries, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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