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Quality of Life: How In-Home Care Can Assist You

Quality of Life: How In-Home Care Can Assist You

Through our home healthcare services in Fort Washington, Maryland, we are committed to providing you the support you need to live a better life in the comfort of home. We offer a number of services that are tailor-made to your particular needs to ensure that you can live a more convenient life. How do we do it?

With our home health aides, you can rest easy knowing a professional is always there to help you out. So how can our services assist you?

  • Homemaking: One of our more convenient services is homemaking. Through this service, we can help you take care of the home and help you do your daily chores. We can assist you with a number of things including cleaning the house, running errands, doing the dishes, washing the laundry, and any other chores you need to be done. While we are handling these tasks for you, you can focus on your time on other things you would prefer to do instead.

  • Skilled Nursing: We also offer a wide array of skilled nursing services in Maryland. Through these services, we can provide personalized medical assistance, from pain management to therapeutic aid. It is our goal to ensure you have the health care you need to live a healthier life all in the comfort of home.

  • Personal Care: We have respectful personal care services for you as well. These services can provide you with the support you need when it comes down to tasks such as dressing, using the bathroom, or your personal hygiene. These are all things that can be very challenging to do on your own and can be a huge source of stress. Through our services, we aim to offer you the relief you need so you can rest easy knowing you have the professional assistance you need under the same roof.

Breakthrough Healthcare Services is committed to improving your quality of life by offering you the superb care and assistance you need on a daily basis. It does not matter if you simply need help around the house, need some companionship throughout the day, or if you are looking for post-hospitalization transition care; our services are here to help you live a better life.

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