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Why Posture Should Matter to You: 3 Ways It Affects Your Health


Everything we do affects our health, in one way or the other. From what we eat, drink, do, and even how we stand, it all affects our health. That’s right. Even our posture can greatly impact our health. Breakthrough Healthcare Services, a provider of home healthcare services in Fort Washington, Maryland, meticulously included Posture Correction as part of our healthcare services due to this fact. Let’s learn more about posture:

What is Posture?

Posture generally refers to how one holds or positions themselves while standing or sitting. More than that, posture refers to how we align our body, either at rest or in motion, such that the different parts of our body can function optimally.

How Does Posture Affect Health?

There are many ways that posture can affect our health. If you look at it from a different perspective, our posture is like how we carry a bag. A bag may be sturdy and can hold a lot of things but if we don’t carry it properly, it can possibly break down and consequently damage the things inside it. Similarly, if we don’t carry ourselves and our body the proper way, we are increasing the possibility of damaging our health. Here are some ways posture can aid one’s health:

  1. Prevent Injury

    Posture and balance go hand in hand with each other such that having proper posture can help improve our balance. A better balance means a lesser risk of injury and falling. Proper posture can also help strengthen the spine and make it less prone to injury as well as lessen instances of back pain.

  2. Optimal Functioning

    Posture also affects our body internally as well. When we sit or stand with a proper posture, we allow our organs to function optimally with appropriate space and alignment. A prime example of this would be our digestion. If you slouch while eating, you are constricting the muscles in your abdomen and limiting the movement of your diaphragm. This can cause indigestion, gas, etc. Eating with a proper posture can easily help that.

  3. Better and Faster Results

    Doing most things with the proper posture can almost guarantee better and faster results. When you are working out, you should be mindful of the posture you make. An error in posture can mean ineffective exercise, not seeing results, and even getting unwanted injuries and unnecessary pain in the body. With a proper posture, you can get results faster as you make your training more effective while also preventing injury.

Want to correct your posture? Breakthrough Healthcare Services may have the services you need! With our Physical Therapy program, Posture Correction can be made possible. Other services we offer include Speech Therapy, Home Health Aides, Respite Care, Personal Care, Occupational Therapy, Medical Social Worker, Companionship and Homemaking, and Skilled Nursing Services in Maryland. Get to know more about our services and contact us at 888-885-8581 for inquiries.

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