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Calcium Plays an Important Role in Seniors

Calcium Plays an Important Role in Seniors

Everybody needs calcium for stronger bones and teeth, especially senior adults. According to healthcare studies, many aging residents develop bone concerns such as osteoporosis due to a lack of calcium. There is also a high risk that their bones can easily be fractured or broken if they experience a fall or collision.

Doctors usually recommend that they increase their calcium intake through milk and some dairy products. Sometimes, they also prescribe calcium supplements. The concern is, however, whether senior adults can always follow through with their doctor’s recommendations. Otherwise, it is beneficial for families to seek assistance from home healthcare services in Fort Washington Maryland.

When it comes to ensuring a senior adult’s health and well-being, you can rely on professional home health aides to get the job done. A home health aide can ascertain that your loved one receives and follows through with their doctor’s advice. They can also assist with your senior loved one’s daily living activities.

We understand that you will want to find a reliable healthcare provider that you can trust. Rest assured that we are always ready to help! To know more about our home healthcare and skilled nursing services in Maryland, please contact Breakthrough Healthcare Services today!

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