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Introducing Home Care to an Elderly Family Member

Introducing Home Care to an Elderly Family Member

It’s difficult for most families to suddenly introduce home healthcare services in Fort Washington Maryland into their homes. Transitioning into home care is a big change for many older adults and their families. Hence, we at Breakthrough Healthcare Services will share tips for introducing home care to a senior loved one:

  • Highlight its many advantages.

    When framing the conversation about receiving home care, make sure to mention its many benefits not just to your senior loved one but to the whole family as well. Talk about the services a home care provider can offer, such as skilled nursing services in Maryland. Chances are, your senior family member is struggling with mobility or a health condition that they can receive assistance with.

  • Include them in the conversation.

    If you think about it, making the switch to home care affects seniors the most. Hence, it’s best to include them in the conversation especially when it comes to making decisions about the level of care. This also provides a great opportunity to discuss the areas where they need help the most.

  • Have a trial run.

    Before hiring home health aides, consider having a trial run at home. Invite a home health aide to your home, so your senior family member can have a chance to sit down and meet them. This provides them with an adjustment period to get used to the idea of receiving assistance and opens their eyes to the many advantages their services provide.

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