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Tips to Help Seniors Maintain a Healthy Diet During the Holidays

Tips to Help Seniors Maintain a Healthy Diet During the Holidays

Overindulgence is common during the holidays due to an unhealthy diet that can lead to weight gain. Through the help of home healthcare services in Fort Washington Maryland, seniors can be more proactive about eating healthily to maintain their diet. Likewise, here are valuable eating tips for seniors this month:

  • Maintain your regular eating schedule
    It’s common practice for people to forego a healthy breakfast and their regular eating routine in favor of a heavy holiday dinner. For seniors, changing their eating schedule can have significant impacts on their health. Following their schedule through the help of home health aides help boost their energy and aids in maintaining their weight.
  • Eat your vegetables first
    With most households preparing a full holiday menu, it can be tempting for seniors to indulge themselves in their favorite festive dishes. To counteract this, it’s best to consume their vegetables first before becoming too full. Doing so ensures they receive the nutrients they need to strengthen their immune system to fight off disease.
  • Drink in moderation
    Holiday drinking is another challenge for many seniors. This month, it’s recommended for older adults to drink in moderation or avoid drinking altogether. For the former, make sure they stay hydrated by balancing drinks with a glass of water in between.

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