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Why Communication Is the Key to Quality Health Care

Why Communication Is the Key to Quality Health Care

Ever since we started providing Home Healthcare Services in Fort Washington, Maryland,Breakthrough Healthcare Serviceshas been thinking of ways to improve our services for our patients.

In this blog, we would like to share with you one simple secret how we maintain our quality healthcare services: COMMUNICATION.

Why do we consider this vital as we provide Skilled Nursing Services in Maryland? Here are the reasons:

  • It lessens our patient’s anxiety.

    Patients are not in the finest versions of themselves. In fact, most of them are uncertain what will happen to their well-being tomorrow or the day after that. These people continue to live with anxiety in their every waking moment. This anxiety can lead to aggressive behavior which is sometimes misunderstood by family members.

    But through proper and constant communication, we reduce their anxiety levels drastically. Communication helps them vent their feelings out. And once they do, we can immediately respond to what they need. It is our task to make them feel that everything will be alright.

  • It increases our patient’s sense of independence.

    Knowing how and when to give care is like a dream come true for most caregivers. After all, we do not want our work disrupted or we want to at least follow a pattern in order to make work easier.

    But know that it is possible to do so. How? We just communicate with our patient. We ask them what they want and how they want it done. However, that does not mean we will just do what we are told.

    We still continue to give our patients the care they need and respect the decisions they want to take at the same time. We are being a guide by their side in order to foster their independence. If they want to do certain chores, we let them. If they want our help, we are always there to assist them.

  • It validates our patient’s sense of self.

    Nothing feels more fulfilling than seeing our patients feel confident in everything they do. When they do this, it quickly makes them feel better, therefore, giving their body the necessary energy and willpower to get through any sickness or disease that come across their life.

    As we perform our duty as Home Health Aides, we engage in communication with them to let them feel like we are not just there to work. We want them to feel that we are there for them and that we do actually care for their overall well-being.

    We give our patients and clients our time for we know that time is an important resource these patients have and deserve to rejuvenate.

There is magic in caregiving when we communicate with our clients. Do you agree? If so, share your experience on how it changed the way you cared for your patient.

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